The content of the audit is an independent verification aimed at confirming the authenticity of the declared results. Audit means “Listening” from Latin.

Audit is a check of any activity or phenomenon, which is held by an independent expert. In this regard, there are several types of audit: operational, technical, ecological and others. Some types of audit are similar in meaning to certification. The need for the audit occurred simultaneously with the emergence of commodity and financial relations. In Europe, the audit has been known since the Middle Ages. In spite of this, audit as a science began to develop only in the 19th century.

In the twentieth century, during the active development of stock markets, investors began to appear interested in the audit. At the same time, the audit was divided into several groups: financial, investment and industrial. Investment audit is similar in meaning to a financial audit. Its goal is to express an opinion on the intended use of the investment. Industrial audit includes financial and technical audits. Technical audit is a test of rationality of production, quality systems and their management. In addition, the technical audit means the checking of technical condition of buildings, machinery, equipment, etc.

Inspection activity is adjacent to the technical audit, and it is technical supervision activity (manufacture, construction, assembly and starting-setting up) of technically complex products, with the so-called “hidden” work (work that cannot be controlled and taken by the quality in the future after the completion of process cycle – for example, foundation works in building, etc.). This includes activities for the independent reception of technically complex products, and in addition – confirmation of achieving design parameters, as well as receiving consignments with acknowledgment of their properties, quantity and quality.

Consulting means consulting of market participants in the areas of:





technical and expert activities.

The main point of consulting comes to the attraction of third-party organization, which formulates an expert opinion or recommendation based on its own experience, global experience known to it and technical audit results.

Distinctive feature of technical consulting is its direct link with the technical audit. Professionally conducted consulting helps the owner, investor, developer to answer the questions of technical possibilities of production, technology, design, validity of engineering solutions, minimizing the cost of construction. Consulting is applied to reduce the cost of the equipment and its maintenance, the payback period of investment and production costs.

Timely provided consulting services help improve operational efficiency, the speed of management decision-making, and as a result – to make a profit from the realizaton of these decisions.


Professional appraisal practice is the activity of appraisers and subjects of appraisal activity, established in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On the assessment of property, property rights and professional valuation activities in Ukraine”, which is concluded in the organizational, methodological and practical provision of property assessment, review and preparation of conclusions on the assessment of the property.

Our appraisal activities are carried out in the following forms:

practical activities of assessment, which is concluded in the practice of the evaluation of the property and all the procedures related to it, in accordance with the requirements of normative-legal acts of property assessment;

consulting activity – advice on property assessment to the subjects of appraisal activity, customers of assessment and others in oral or written form;

training of appraisers, which is concluded in participating in the educational process of appraisers training.

Valuation of property and property rights

We are entitled to carry out the assessment of property and property rights in the following areas (in accordance with the Certificate of registration in State register of appraisers):

1. Valuation of objects in material form

1.1. Valuation of immovable property (immovables, real estate), including expert pecuniary valuation of land.

1.2. Valuation of machinery and equipment.

1.3. Valuation of road vehicles.

1.4. Valuation of aircraft.

1.5. Valuation of shipping means.

1.6. Valuation of movable property (stock-in-trade).

2. Valuation of integral property complexes, shares, securities, property rights and intangible assets, including the assessment of the rights of intellectual property.

2.1. Valuation of integral property complexes, shares, securities, property rights and intangible assets (excluding valuation of intellectual property rights).

2.2. Valuation of intellectual property rights.

Valuation activities have been carried out by our team for more than 20 years – from the very beginning of development of this activity in Ukraine.

For more that ten years, we have been providing services of the technical audit / survey of property, consulting of industrial and commercial facilities. We take part in the settlement of losses at the enterprises of various branches of industry, make recommendations on reducing the probability of risks and reducing the level of losses. The table below shows our recent works on the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries.

Type of work
1Sea and river ports of Ukraine and CIS, 2009-2011, 2014, 2015Making business decisionsPre-insurance technical audit / survey and appraisal
2Cold-storage building 65446.0 m2 in area, Kyiv region, 2015
Acceptance of the object of insurance
Pre-insurance technical audit / survey
3Cinema building and café, Zhytomyr, 2015
Technical audit and appraisal of damage
4Logistic centre 11520 m2 in area, Kyiv region, 2014Acceptance of the object of insurance
Pre-insurance technical audit / survey
5Cement plant, Dnipropetrovsk region, 2014
Collision of automobile with gallery

Technical audit and appraisal of damage
6Blast furnace, Dnipropetrovsk region, 2011
Emergency shutdown of the furnaceTechnical audit
7Merchant-coke plant #1, Donetsk region, 2010
FireTechnical audit and appraisal of damage
8Merchant-coke plant #2, Donetsk region, 2010Decision for insurancePre-insurance technical audit / survey
9Wallpaper enterprise, Dnipropetrovsk region, 2011

Explosion, fireTechnical audit and appraisal of damage
10Machine-building enterprise, Cherkasy region, 2010
FireTechnical audit and appraisal of damage
11Manufacturing workshop, Dnipropetrovsk region, 2013
Roof caving, more than 4000 m2Technical audit
12Flexographic machine, Donetsk region, 2012
FireTechnical audit and appraisal of damage
13Equipment for keeping poultry – battaryfarm (70k of layers), Luhansk region, 2012FireAppraisal of damage
14Wood briquette workshop, Zhytomyr region, 2011ExplosionTechnical audit
15Machine shop building, Zaporizhya region, 2011
Lightning strokeTechnical audit and appraisal of damage
16Workshop for package production, Kyiv region, 2009
Appraisal of damage
Hothouse complex, Kherson region, 2009
SandstormAppraisal of damage
18Commerce and office centre, Dnipropetrovsk region, 2009FireAppraisal of damage
19Covered grain thrashing-floor, Kyrovohrad region, 2010Roof cavingAppraisal of damage
20Cooling station of meat-packing plant, Poltava region, 2010FireAppraisal of damage
21Bank property, Crimea, 2010InundationAppraisal of damage
22Printing and publishing integrated work, Kyiv region, 2010InundationAppraisal of damage
23Glass fiber plant, Zaporizhya region, 2013Making business decisionsTechnical audit and appraisal
24Workshop for dry gas cleaning of aluminum industrial complexTask of International arbitrageTechnical audit and appraisal
25Import equipment for processing of agricultural productsAppeal to International arbitrage – failure to ensure rated capacityTechnical audit